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Down naturally helps to regulate body temperature for a more comfortable sleep. With proper care, down and feather bedding can last for years.

There are many health benefits to using down and feather: it provides natural warmth, contours to the body, helps regulate body temperature and is hypoallergenic.

The ADFC Seal of Approval ensures that a product is manufactured by an ADFC member in good standing. ADFC members adhere to standards of quality that meet or exceed all claims made on the label or packaging.

ADFC’s Factzzz on Down and Feather provide information about the natural and health benefits of down and feather, as well as tips for buying down and feather bedding.

Interested in learning more about down and feather and where your products come from? Find informative white papers and details about product compliance, industry labeling requirements and ADFC’s Seal of Approval, here.