What is Down & Feather?

Down is the light fluffy coating clustered beneath the feathers of waterfowl that helps to protect them and keep them warm through natural insulation. Down is a three dimensional cluster made up of fluffy filaments and contains no quill.

Feathers are from the plumage of waterfowl, and do contain quills. They are two dimensional and provide insulation and support to down and feather products.

Down and feathers provide us with natural fill products that are breathable, durable and resilient, and provide excellent insulation without a lot of weight. Down and feather products are also natural and environmentally friendly; their manufacture leaves a far lower carbon footprint than synthetic materials.

Duck down,Filling material of down jacket.

While we spend almost one third of our lives sleeping, sleeplessness is a pervasive condition that impacts our day-to-day existence. According to a recent Consumer Reports survey, 27% of those surveyed have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep most nights; an estimated 164 million Americans struggle with consistent sleep at least once a week. Sleep deprivation drains your mental abilities and puts your health at risk.

Have you thought about your bedding and how it can impact your sleep? If you’re one of the millions who don’t get enough sleep, there are easy, natural ways to sleep better at night. Upgrading to all-natural, breathable materials like down and feather is a good place to start – down and feather bedding products such as featherbeds, duvets and pillows are designed with the sleeper in mind. These products come in various types and styles to give you the comfort and warmth that is best for you.

Down and feathers trap air while allowing moisture to escape, allowing products such as comforters to adjust to the amount of heat released by the body. Because they allow air to circulate and offer a wide comfort range, down and feather comforters can be enjoyed winter and summer.

Down and feather fill is also ideal for pillows because it can provide a range of support options, from soft to firm, while adjusting to body movements. The pillow molds itself to the sleeper’s head and neck, cradling them in comfort and support.

Natural fill bedding is resilient and lasts for years. Products containing down are usually machine washable, although it is recommended that consumers read the affixed care labels for proper care instructions. A down and feather bedding product is an investment that pays off in longevity, comfort and ease of care.

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