Down & Feather Attributes

Natural Warmth

Down is nature’s best insulator and offers the sleep-inducing benefits of warmth without weight.


Down naturally breathes, meaning that it wicks away body moisture rather than trapping it. The breathability of these products also allows them to adjust to the amount of heat released by the body, so users will not be subjected to sleep disruptions that can result from the effects of overheating. Long gone are the nights of waking to throw covers on and off!

Contours to the Body

The softness of down and feather pillows not only feels great, but allows them to conform to the body more naturally than many synthetic fibers or foam pillows. When using a down and feather bed pillow, the neck and shoulder muscles are less strained, as the head is naturally cradled—whether sleeping on your side, stomach or back.

Allergy Relief

The breathability of down and feather products prevents moisture from being trapped in the fibers, which can create an environment in which dust mites thrive. Additionally, the tightly woven 100% cotton fabric casings of down and feather products prevent slender feathers from escaping through a loosely woven fabric also serves as a barrier to dust mites.

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Consumer Factzz

Our “Factzzz on Down and Feather” offer additional information about the health and wellness benefits of down and feather.

Seal of Approval

The ADFC Seal of Approval signifies that down and feather products meet all industry standards and are labeled accurately.