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You can make the bed of your dreams by knowing how to buy and care for down and feather bedding. Natural fill bed coverings are light yet warm, trapping the warmth of the body while wicking away moisture. They are an investment that will pay off in sleeping comfort. With proper care, down and feather bedding will last for years.

Down and feather definitions can be found on our terminology page. Common questions can be accessed on our frequently asked questions page.  And make sure to download our Factzzz on Down and Feather, which provide information on the health and wellness benefits of down and feather as well as tips on how to buy down and feather bedding.

The following will help you make informed decisions for purchasing and properly caring for your down and feather bedding.


Nothing provides better lightweight warmth than down. Down's unique ability to efficiently insulate while wicking away moisture results in a comfortable sleep experience for a wide range of individuals, in a wide range of conditions. Since higher fill power generally means greater warmth per ounce, consumers can choose from a variety of products to meet their specific comfort requirements.


Pillow support needs vary with each individual. Neck and shoulder support are critical to a good night's sleep. Feather and down pillows contour to each individual's unique neck and shoulder shape, yet are resilient and easily return to their original shape. Down and feather products come in a range of densities, thus allowing consumers to choose the pillow best suited for them.


When not being used, down and feather comforters, blankets, pillows and featherbeds should be stored in breathable bags. A breathable bag will allow your down or feather product to better retain the natural attributes that will provide you an exceptional sleep experience for years to come.

Given the many choices offered in the marketplace today, consumers should always follow the manufacturer’s care instructions provided with your down and feather product. If your comforter or pillow is looking flat – just fluff it up! The down bounces right back into shape. A daily shake will restore the product’s fluffiness, or loft, and will help increase its performance. To further enhance your down or feather product, try the following:

Down & Feather Attributes

Down and feather bedding products have many distinct and natural advantages over other types of bedding.

Facts on Down and Feather

Our Factzzz on Down and Feather offer additional information about the health and wellness benefits of down and feather.