Industry Resources

This page provides information about down and feather that can be used by retailers, purchasers and ADFC members. Many of these materials are customizable and can be shared on websites and social media channels, as well as with local media, or internally and externally across retail locations.

Collateral Material

Download print-ready Infographics and Fact Sheet PDFs that focus on the attributes and health benefits of using down and feather products. These can be used as signage or flyers.

Retailer Press Releases

Download customizable press releases that retailers can distribute to their media contacts.

Social Media Posting

Download suggested social media posts for Facebook and Twitter to accompany press releases and to drive traffic to retailer websites.

Sustainability White Papers

Download informational white papers and reports focused on down and feather products and industry statistics.

Consumer Factzzz

Download “Factzzz on Down and Feather,” which provide information on the benefits of down and feather.

ADFC Information

Download background information about the American Down & Feather Council (ADFC).

Down & Feather Attributes

Learn more about down & feather bedding

Consumer Facts

Our Factzzz on Down and Feather offer additional information about the health and wellness benefits of down and feather.