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Lack of sleep can affect a person’s judgment, mood and ability to learn or retain information. Long-term sleep issues can contribute to more serious health issues, including chronic conditions like hypertension, diabetes, depression and obesity.

An important step to a healthier life is getting a good, natural night’s sleep. In a U.S.-based survey conducted by the ADFC, 70% of consumers surveyed who use down and feather products agreed that they get a better night’s sleep with down and feather bedding. But, why?

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They naturally conform to the body

Down and feather products don’t just have the lowest carbon footprint of any filler material – they’re naturally more comfortable, too! The softness of down and feather pillows allows them to conform to the body more naturally than many synthetic fibers or foam pillows, so the neck and shoulder muscles are less strained, providing a more comfortable sleep and improving overall health.

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They help regulate body temperature

Down — nature’s best insulator — not only offers warmth without weight, but helps regulate body temperature by naturally wicking away perspiration to help keep sleepers cool and comfortable during the warmer months. With down and feather bedding, consumers no longer have to worry about their sleep being disrupted by waking up in the middle of the night to throw off the covers.
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Hypoallergenic standards

The natural breathability of down and feather products prevents moisture from being trapped in the fibers, which otherwise can create an environment where dust mites thrive. Furthermore, the tightly-woven fabrics that encase the down and feathers have the capability of locking-out dust mites, which can lead to more nights of undisturbed sleep for allergy and asthma sufferers. Modern techniques of processing have allowed ADFC members to produce feather and down filled materials to meet hypoallergenic standards.

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Consumer Facts

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