Labeling Requirements

Down Products

A product that is labeled “Down” is required to contain a minimum of 75% down cluster. The percentage of down must be listed on the label.

Down Inc. 5
Down Inc. 9

Down and Feather Blend Products

In products that contain both down and feathers the minimum down content must be listed. There is no tolerance allowed, products labeled “50% Down/50% Feathers” must contain a minimum of 50% down cluster. There is no down fiber allowance.

Feather Products

Products may be labeled “Waterfowl Feathers” if the product is at least 80% goose or duck feather.

weiße Flaumfedern auf blauem Hintergrund - white downs on blue background


Products may be labeled by species only if 90% or more of the plumage is of that species.

Hypoallergenic Claims

The industry standard for hypoallergenic claims is an oxygen number of 4.8 or less and a turbidity level of 500mm or higher.

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Down & Feather Terminology

Learn more about the down & feather terminology