Down and Feather Products

Natural fill products are breathable, durable, resilient, and provide excellent insulation without a lot of weight. Down and feathers trap air while allowing moisture to escape, allowing products such as comforters to adjust to the amount of heat released by the body. Because they allow air to circulate and offer a wide comfort range, down and feather comforters can be enjoyed winter and summer.

Down and feather fill is also ideal for pillows because it can provide a range of support options, from soft to firm, while adjusting to body movements. The pillow molds itself to the sleeper's head and neck cradling them in comfort and support.

Natural fill bedding is resilient and lasts for years. Products containing down are usually machine washable, although it is recommended that consumers read the affixed care labels. A down and feather bedding product is an investment that pays off in longevity, comfort and ease of care.

Areas of Compliance

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Labeling Requirements

Down Products: A product that is labeled "Down" is required to contain a minimum of 75% down cluster. The percentage of down must be listed on the label.

Down and Feather Blend Products: In products that contain both down and feathers the minimum down content must be listed. There is no tolerance allowed, products labeled "50% Down/50% Feathers" must contain a minimum of 50% down cluster. There is no down fiber allowance.

Feather Products: Products may be labeled "Waterfowl Feathers" if the product is at least 80% goose or duck feather.

Species: Products may be labeled by species only if 90% or more of the plumage is of that species.

Hypoallergenic Claims: The industry standard for hypoallergenic claims is an oxygen number of 4.8 or less and a turbidity level of 500mm or higher.

Look for the Seal of Approval

The ADFC's Seal of Approval signifies that the manufacturer is a member of the ADFC and participates in its Labeling Compliance Program.