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ADFC Brings its Message of Labeling Compliance to China

October 25, 2006

NEW YORK, NY (October 25, 2006) – The American Down and Feather Council (ADFC) is bringing its message of labeling compliance and product testing to an audience of industry leaders in Beijing. Joe Crawford, ADFC Marketing Chair, will be addressing the Chinese Feather and Down Industrial Association at Beijing Exhibition Central Hotel, 135 Xizhimenwai Street in Beijing at 3:30 pm-4:00 pm on October 27. Topics to be addressed will include the importance to the industry of truth-in-labeling, U.S. labeling requirements and the ADFC’s commitment to removing non-compliant products from the supply chain.

The meeting in Beijing is an excellent opportunity for the ADFC to reach out to an important segment of the down and feather industry. According to Crawford, “Virtually all companies that process feathers and down and/or manufacturer feather and down filled products in China will attend. This includes all the major companies that ship feathers and down, or filled bedding products, to the U.S. market.” Down garment manufacturers, as well as many government officials will also be in attendance.

The ADFC designed its Labeling Compliance Program to ensure that all natural fill bedding products sold in the U.S. are labeled correctly and that the fill meets the claims made on the label or packaging. The association seeks to identify labeling violations through rigorous testing – all tests must be done in accordance with International Down and Feather Bureau (IDFB) testing standards and be performed by an IDFB certified laboratory. If products are found to be non-compliant with labeling regulations, the ADFC will take appropriate action to protect consumers, the retailers selling the products and the integrity of the industry in general.

The American Down and Feather Council (ADFC), a section of the Home Fashion Products Association, is a voluntary association of manufacturers of natural fill bedding products, as well as dealers, buyers, sellers and processors of feathers and down for use in home fashion products. The goal of the ADFC is to further the common interests of the down and feather products industry and to maintain and improve product quality. The objective of the ADFC Labeling Compliance Program is to ensure all natural fill bedding products sold in the U.S. are labeled correctly and that the quality of the products meets or exceeds the claims made on the label or packaging.