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Down Comforters Fight Cold and High Energy Costs

September 9, 2008

Natural fill bedding saves money and resources

NEW YORK, NY (September 9, 2008) – Down and feather bedding is not only comfortable, it can save the earth’s resources and consumers’ money! Rising energy costs and the current emphasis on being environmentally responsible make sustainable, recyclable natural fill bedding the eco-conscious way to achieve comfortable, lightweight warmth. Because of its natural insulating properties, down and feather beds, comforters and blankets save energy through simple conservation; the money savings that can result from lowering thermostats, even just a few degrees, is enormous. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends lowering thermostats by 10˚-15˚ for eight hours a day in order to save 10% on your heating bill. That is a 1% savings for each degree. With oil prices at over $100 a barrel, keeping the thermostat set at the recommended 68˚ during the day and lowering it to 58˚ at night can translate into a $900 annual savings. Does 58˚ sound a little chilly? It won’t be with a cozy down comforter. As a natural by-product of duck and goose farming, down is completely renewable and biodegradable, unlike synthetic bedding fills, which are usually petroleum based.

The American Down and Feather Council (ADFC) realizes that consumers have so many options when purchasing bedding that it can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing, but in this case, simple really is the best option. For more information on how to buy and care for down and feather bedding, please visit the ADFC Website at

About ADFC
The American Down and Feather Council, a section of the Home Fashion Products Association, is a voluntary association of manufacturers of natural-fill bedding products, as well as dealers, buyers, sellers and processors of feathers and down for use in home fashion products. The goal of the ADFC is to further the common interests of the down and feather products industry, and to maintain and improve product quality. The objective of the ADFC Labeling Compliance Program is to ensure all natural-fill bedding products sold in the U.S. are labeled correctly and that the quality of the products meets or exceeds the claims made on the label or packaging.