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International Down & Feather Bureau Names New President

February 27, 2007

Chair of American Down & Feather Council to also lead IDFB

NEW YORK, NY (February 27, 2007) – Stephen Palmer, co-president of United Feather and Down and chairman of the American Down and Feather Council (ADFC) has been elected president of the International Down and Feather Bureau (IDFB). IDFB is the international association of the feather and down industry, with 35 member countries representing more than 250 companies, the group develops and promotes standards for feather and down filling and certifies down and feather testing labs.

“I look forward to serving as IDFB president,” comments Palmer, “ the IDFB was the inspiration for the founding of the ADFC’s Labeling Compliance Program. Standards and testing are the best methods to ensure that down and feather products are what their labels claim.” Accurate labeling is the only way a purchaser can determine what is inside down and feather products and, says Palmer, “It is important that consumers are able to make informed choices when purchasing down and feather bedding.”

All sampling, classification and testing of fill material done under the Labeling Compliance Program must be in accordance with IDFB testing standards and be performed by an IDFB certified testing laboratory. The ADFC program requires that products meet industry standards as well as state and federal regulations.

About ADFC
The American Down and Feather Council, a section of the Home Fashion Products Association, is a voluntary association of manufacturers of natural-fill bedding products, as well as dealers, buyers, sellers and processors of feathers and down for use in home fashion products. The goal of the ADFC is to further the common interests of the down and feather products industry, and to maintain and improve product quality. The objective of the ADFC Labeling Compliance Program is to ensure all natural-fill bedding products sold in the U.S. are labeled correctly, and that the quality of the products meets or exceeds the claims made on the label or packaging.